Copenaghen Photo Fesival
Copenhagen Photo Festival was founded in 2010, to raise awareness about, and focus on, photography. The festival showcases Danish as well as international contemporary photography in urban spaces, art and cultural institutions, galleries and photo schools. Danish photography nowadays is receiving substantial recognition worldwide. CPF promotes Danish and Nordic photography internationally, as well as bringing the international photo scene to Denmark.

Everyday we encounter photography: in the media, public spaces and on the contemporary art scene. The festival seeks to awaken public awareness of photographic images surrounding us – where did they arise? What stories are they telling us?

Copenhagen Photo Festival’s main aim is to create an international platform for contemporary photography in Denmark. A platform, which explores the different aspects of photography, raising theoretical discussions and presenting new works. It’s an opportunity for both emerging and established photographers as well as amateurs, to network and explore contemporary photography.

The founders of Copenhagen Photo Festival are Julie Navne Klitbo and Rasmus Ranum.
Klitbo and Ranum each run their own photo agency – BLINK and SUMO.